Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (PHMF)

PHMF-100 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Principles
3 Credits

Lecture: 3 hours per week

Offering: Fall Only, All Years

This course offers an introduction to manufacturing principles. These principles are applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing, but can also be applied more generally to production settings. Participants will see how the intersection of logistics, production, engineering, and quality meet to produce products satisfying business requirements.

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PHMF-105 Pharmaceutical Quality Systems and Regulations
2 Credits

Lecture: 2 hours per week

Offering: Spring Only, All Years

This course offers an introduction to the regulatory process for the pharmaceutical industry. Students will gain insight into how drugs are regulated and how their manufacturing is controlled to ensure patient safety. An introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) will help students understand what quality systems are required and how they benefit/protect the patient.

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