Applied Technology (ATEC)

ATEC-110 Successful Job Search
1 Credit

Lecture: 1 hour per week

Offering: Spring Only, All Years

This course serves as an introduction to the fundamental techniques necessary to gain entry-level employment. Its underlying assumption is that it is better to teach someone how to find his or her own job, than to find one for that person. Techniques include identifying skills, resumes, interviewing, and conducting a successful job search.

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ATEC-117 Occupational Relations and Job Search
2 Credits

Lecture: 2 hours per week

Offering: Fall and Spring Only, All Years

This course is designed to expose students to a variety of skills for workplace success. Topics to be discussed include learning styles, change, communications, conflict, work teams, leadership, and attitude. Students will also explore the fundamental techniques necessary to get a job, such as matching skills to job requirements, writing resumes and cover letters, and learning strategies for successful interviewing.

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