Bacteriology (BACT)

BACT-250Ā GEM4 course AASID course General Microbiology
4 Credits

Lecture: 3 hours per week, Lab: 3 hours per week

Offering: Fall, Spring, and Summer, All Years

This course is an introductory survey of microorganisms emphasizing bacteria as examples of all microorganisms and as models for all living organisms/cells in regard to structure, physiology, and reproduction. This is a fairly rigorous lab course requiring attendance to cover various lab skills of media use, culturing, slide-staining, use of lab materials, and processes relating to microorganisms. This course has applications to programs in life sciences, the medical health field, health sciences, agriculture, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, environmental science, and laboratory research.

Corequisites: BACT-250L

Recommended Prerequisites: BIOL-100 or BIOL-115, CHEM-101

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