Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)

CPL-121 Introduction to Credit for Prior Learning
1 Credit

Lecture: 1 hour per week

This course is designed to introduce students to credit for prior learning. Students will summarize prior learning experiences, request and review outlines for applicable courses, develop goal statements, and write a detailed work history.

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CPL-122 Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio Development
2 Credits

Lecture: 2 hours per week

This course is designed to instruct students in methods utilized to summarize and document prior learning experiences. Students will describe skills, competencies and areas of knowledge that may have been attained outside of a traditional classroom environment. Students will write, edit and build a portfolio.

Prerequisites: CPL-121

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CPL-123 Portfolio Credit Assessment
1-15 Credits

Portfolio Review

A team comprised of a minimum of three people including program instructors, the Division Chair, and the Dean will evaluate portfolio requests for credit. It is the student's responsibility to provide sufficient information about previous learning experiences and how they have applied the learning in the specific profession.

Prerequisites: CPL-121, CPL-122

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